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Bio-tek: A God Ignored is A Demon Born

  1. Die-sect
  2. Wound
  3. Human Weapon
  4. Ashes
  5. No Victim
  6. Needle
  7. Ghosts
  8. Vaxine
  9. Die-sect (State of Ardour Version Remixed by VNV Nation)
  10. Chemical Weapon
  11. Apocalypse
  12. Die-sect (anti-AiBo-tek remixed by !Aiboforcen)

This is an excellent side-project of Jonathan Sharp (who seems to be popping up on many releases recently) of New Mind fame. This material is more of a straight-forward techno/industrial style harkening back to the first New Mind release "Fractured", without as much of the chaos. But not to worry, you still will never hear a straight-forward 4/4 song from Mr. Sharp; there are plenty of interesting samples, constructions, and noises to please your average industrialite and make your average radio-listener twinge and go into epileptic shock. Mr. Sharp is still a very angry man and lets you know it with his spiteful, hate-filled vocals and biting lyrics. Energetic, heavy-beat laden tracks such as 'Human Weapon' and 'Vaxine' compete with more tripped-out, mellower (if you could really use that word on any track by Mr. Sharp) tracks such as 'Wound', 'Ashes' and 'Ghosts'. The drum programming throughout is very crisp, sharp (and sounding, on some tracks, like gunshots being scattered across a concrete field), and fits in with the harsh atmosphere of the album. The album also includes some very good remixes by VNV Nation and !Aiboforcen. (Kevin Congdon)

Bio-tek is: Jonathan Sharp

Zoth Ommog/Music Research
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61352 Bad Homburg, Germany

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