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Bethany Curve: Skies A Crossed Sky

  1. Vanish
  2. Rest In Motion
  3. Troly
  4. Spacirelei
  5. Terpsichore
  6. Door 2416
  7. Mor Juste
  8. Follow From Dwallow
  9. Brighter Still
  10. Sandblaster
  11. Grend Shanka
  12. Serene And Smiling
  13. Almost Perception

Bethany Curve is an intriguing band to be released by the primary noise oriented Unit Circle Rekkids, in that it contains an inordinate amount of harmony and depth. An extraordinary amount of passion and emotion is expressed with little more than a guitar and sequencer, almost enough to confuse Bethany Curve with a gothic act. The vocal are equally as intense and only serve to accentuate the already lush soundscapes created by vibrant guitar chords and imaginative programming. A few of the track border on ambient, albeit lacking any sophisticated loops to truly deserve that label. In any event, the most impressive item about this band is the non-conventional guitar work. I have no idea what series of pedals or delays the guitarist is using, but it has allowed the stringed instrument to sound more like a keyboard than anything else. Any band that can take a normally blasphemous instrument in relation to industrial music and rework it into something inherently opposite is deserving of my gratitude and respect.

Bethany Curve is:
David Mac Wha
Ray Lake
Richard Millang
Christopher Preston

Unit Circle Rekkids
P.O. Box 20352
Seattle, WA 98102


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