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Benestrophe: Sensory Deprivation

  1. Pig Butcher 7:46
  2. P.S.Y. 5:42
  3. Sensory Deprivation 7:13
  4. Endangered Species 5:24
  5. Flesh Decay 5:53
  6. Dog Lab 6:45
  7. Di Bomber 6:16
  8. Conscience Bind 6:03
  9. Ritual 5:42
  10. Red Kross 6:57
  11. Church Yard 4:53
  12. Downed Cow 6:41

Benestrophe was a precursor project to Mentallo & The Fixer which disbanded in the early nineties as the members went their separate ways for various personal reasons. Recently Benestrophe reformed and released this album which is a collection of older tracks from the first incarnation of the band. For music that was originally written as far back as 1989 it barely shows it's age. The music is a conglomeration of early Mentallo & The Fixer, which is to be expected, but there is also a smidgeon of Skinny Puppy influence which sneaks it's way in a variety of places. Also of note is the intense socio-political nature of many lyrics. Most modern electronic bands tend to use nonsensical lyrics but Benestrophe has a definite issue which it is trying to pass along to it's listeners and that message is one shared by other artists in this genre; vivisection must be stopped. Definitely be on the look out for a new album by Benestrophe in 1997 which should be comprised of all brand new music.

Benestrophe is: Rich Mendez, Dwayne & Gary Dassing

Ras Dva Records
407 Vine St
Suite 272
Cincinnati, OH 45202-2806


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