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Aurora: The Dimension Gate

  1. Solar 4:34
  2. The Legend of Our Origin 4:40
  3. The Garden of Temptation 3:13
  4. In Search of The Unity 6:48
  5. Egypt 3:55
  6. Firenze 5:14
  7. Shadow Land 6:00
  8. The Quest 3:18
  9. The Marriage of Heaven and Earth 4:17
  10. Hode and Seek 4:17
Bonus Tracks
  1. Element 1 Fire 5:12
  2. Element 2 Earth 5:20
  3. Element 3 Water 4:15
  4. Element 4 Air 7:32

This album attempts to tell the story of the evolution of man from the dawn of the earth, until the rebirth of the universe at the moment of the answer to the ultimate question. Strong comparisons in musical style to bands like Thine Eyes and Dead Can dance, especially in the female vocals. The vocalist has a deep haunting, almost melodic voice, coupled tightly with the upbeat story telling music, makes for interesting listening. The bonus are separate from the concept of the rest of the album, and instead try to place a musical explanation behind the four classical elements of magick. Rich vocals attempt to create a mood behind the creation of the earth by each of the elements, and the emotions that each element was responsible for. A unique concept, which at least on the surface works well. Mythology plays a prominent role in this album, and if your a fan of odd evolutionary myths coupled with magic, pick up this album.

Aurora are: Nigiani & Spilles

c/o Cleopatra Records
8726 Sepulveda Blvd
Suite D-82
Los Angelos, CA 90045


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