Album Cover

Aube: Metal De Metal

  1. Quell
  2. Mentalite Du Metal
  3. Suppression
  4. Calx
  5. Unite Plate
  6. Metal Du Mentalite

Akifumi Nakajima, otherwise known as Aube, is perhaps one of the most innovative noise artists of this era, and this new album is no exception. The only ntible difference between "Metal de Metal" and the majority of his other material is the ultra mininal nature of album. Aube is known for only utilizing a single source of sound for an entire album, and while this particular source happen to be metallic, the end result is anything but caustic. Instead all six pieces on this record are very calm and soothing in comparison and as such makes it an excellent initial release for people who have never experienced Aube before such as myself. From here you can broaden your mind into other acoustical areas and begin to experience the true genius of Aube's sound construction style.

Aube is: Akifumi Nakajima

Manifold Records
P.O. Box 12266
Memphis, TN 38182


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