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Attrition: The Eternity EP

  1. I Am (Eternity)
  2. Cold Genius (Everlasting)
  3. Feel the Backlash
  4. At the Fiftieth Gate (A Slight Reprise)

Attrition returns with an EP (more like a single, since it only has four songs) from their forthcoming album Etude, which consists of classical interpretations of older Attrition material. As was demonstrated on their last album, "3 Arms and a Dead Cert", they show how adept they are at creating songs with a more classical orchestral sound. And on this EP, most of this material falls within this type of sound; it is more along the lines of a neo-classical style than the darkwave mode for which Attrition is known. They have also continued the technique of incorporating real instruments to provide a richer and fuller sound to the music. Julia's voice on the first track doesn't seem to quite fit with the music on the first listen, but after a few listens you begin to appreciate the heavy emotional impact her vocals bring to this track. Although this release is relatively short, it exhibits the willingness of the band to grow and experiment with their music and their ability to move beyond the confines of any particular genre or sound. (Kevin Congdon)

Attriton are:
Julia Waller - Voice
Franck Dematteis - Viola & Violins
Martin Bowes - Electronics & Production

Projekt Records
PO Box 166155
Chicago, IL 60616


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