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3D House of Beef: 3D House of Beef

  1. Heard You Were Dead
  2. Live, Coward, Live
  3. Thalidomide
  4. Crawl
  5. Identified By Dental Records
  6. Sedition
  7. Society of Old Crows
  8. White Hog Slaughter
  9. Bonus Track

3D House of Beef albums should come with warning stickers that encourage people with low tolerance for sludgy feedback and roaring basslines to avoid their music. It seems that this trio from Seattle are trying really hard to find the point at which the internal organs of the human body will spontaneously rupture from subsonic soundwaves of their music. So if you have lack of endurance for the ear jarring combination of slow Doom Metal and bass laden feedback then you should definitely avoid this album. Otherwise, apart from the horrifically bad lyrics on their debut album, 3D House of Beef isn't half bad. They have matured incredibly from their previous demos and have effectively combined a low-fi garage rock sound with gnawing low-end noise to produce a sound not quite unlike a car wreck. Of course noise purists will probably wonder what exactly a guitar is doing playing recognizable notes in the middle of this miasma of pain, but once they get over it they will firmly enjoy the sludge feel of this album.

3D House of Beef are: Nial McGaughey, Drew Payne & Phil Petrocelli

3D House of Beef
P.O. Box 1660
Duvall, WA 98019


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