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31337: Dub Destroyer

Side 1:

  1. Deep Ambient Intro 2:15
  2. Invigorated Riff Rush 3:35
  3. BassStation Breakin's Sensation 6:56

Side 2:

  1. Jamaican Me Crazy 3:55
  2. Echo Techno for the New Age Translucent Dreaming 7:36
  3. Laid Back & Outta Sight 2:33

The companion tape to 31337 'Dub Disaster' Jeremy Tolsma takes on the role of the kinder gentler critic and instead of massacring the ambient dub he aims to accentuate it by means of his own warped rational. Each piece instead of a small trite snippet of lucidity becomes instead an extended remix favored by many a dance club DJ. Never ceasing to end his monstrosity before it becomes full grown Tolsma even carries on his little song and hat dance for up to a preposterous seven minutes in length in order to mimic those who he is lampooning. The nomenclature devised for each track is no less inane as he prides himself upon using the same atrocious naming scheme you would recognize from a professional mixer themselves. So just when you thought it was safe to go back to the clubs for the new wave of ambient artist someone has to release a farcical look at the new fad. That will teach you to come out from hiding behind the nice safe padded cell of your mother's bosom.

#116 Production
P.O. Box 18142
2225 West 41st Ave
Vancouver, B.C.
V6M 4L3


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