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31337: Dub Disaster

Side 1:

  1. Prove The Groove 3:36
  2. Tribalizer 2:03
  3. Catatonic Sonic Tonic 2:53
  4. Melancholy Folly 4:13
  5. Pep Track For Hep Cats 1:10

Side 2:

  1. Wiffle Bat Massacre 4:15
  2. Purgatory Is Rent Free 3:43
  3. The Lone Voice of Sanity 3:54
  4. Hot Lemon Relief 2:48

31337 is hacker slang for elite the buzzword on the irc channel #warez when a fellow user is someone who it is acceptable to trade illegal software with or share old hacker stories too. In the case of Jeremy Tolsma, it is a backhanded slap on the face to the cracker community for the sheer pointlessness of all the lingo and social posturing that seem to constantly hamper the commerce of electronic underworld. Dub Disaster is exactly what it sounds like. Mr. Tolsma has been known in the past to name his musical projects after bad coffee slogans and the music ends up sounding like it was run through a bean grinder. This time he is abusing the new ambient buzzword of the week by taking the traditional methods of creating the aforementioned dub and ritually dissecting and dismembering it for the public's disapproval. After the melting pot has settled what is left behind are nine full scale musical catastrophes. The sheer amount of dub dissonance is enough to drive any fan to mental oblivion which is exactly what Mr. Tolsma has in mind.

#116 Production
P.O. Box 18142
2225 West 41st Ave
Vancouver, B.C.
V6M 4L3


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