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162: Et Te Et Vos Im Vineam Meam

  1. Forgive Me
  2. End
  3. Ode To Joy
  4. Requiem (et te et vos im vineam meam)
  5. Finale

162 is a project that seems to exude a very dark and murky mood. I want to call it almost gothic but that particular term has too much of a guitar connotation behind it and this music is entirely electronic. Darkwave might be a good description, summing up the macabre frame of reference the music uses so well. Most of the tracks are very minimal, preferring to build upon a finite number of musical elements rather than drown out the content with unnecessary resonance. Several of the tracks contain vocals pieces, both male and female and range from discordant to melodic. The closest musical equivalent 162 has is that of Thine Eyes because both bands share many similar common musical arrangements and programmed samples. This brief musical taste has left me yearning for more of this oddly enticing musical project and maybe we'll see more of 162 in the future.

162 is:
John Prassus - music, lyrics
Josh Rueter - lyrics, vocals, guitar
Jessy Fraser - vocals

c/o John Prassas
722 State Street
LaCrosse, WI 54601


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