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16 Volt: Letdowncrush

  1. Swarm 3:23
  2. The Dreams That Rot In Your Heart 3:38
  3. A Clothlike Gauze 4:03
  4. Something Left 4:00
  5. The Cut Collector 3:52
  6. Crush 4:47
  7. Breed 3:15
  8. Two Wireds Thin 4:00
  9. Shameface 3:09
  10. Carla's Tarantulas 6:00

Eric Powell has taken all the of musical experience of his past two releases as well as his work with Hellbent and put it to good use on this brand new album. The best musical elements from all of his previous work appear like a trail of footprints down well trod path which ends at the edge of a precipice. So that just when you think you you've heard it all 16 Volt takes it one step further. Whither that is the subtle use of the female vocal work by Stella of Sister Soleil, the additional writing skills by Marc of Black Metal Box, or the donated studio by John Irish, that remains to be seen, but regardless of those influences, 'Letdowncrush' is perhaps Eric's best work to date. However, one minor nitpick still lingers, the fact that not counting the last track, the album clocks in at under forty minutes. The last track, "Carla's Tarantulas" is essentially ten minutes of filler material which revolves around a phone conversation with a less than mentally stable individual which occurred while recording at Trax in Chicago. I fail to see the reason why Eric stops short at ten tracks on this album when he has demonstrated the capability of writing more excellent material in the past. He ran into the same problem with the Hellbent album which like this new a record might as well be considered an EP rather than a full length album. At any rate, at least we have the some new material to tide us over until Eric can perhaps release a longer album sometime in the future.

16 Volt is Eric Powell

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