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16 Volt: Wisdom

  1. Motorskill 5:12
  2. Wisdom 4:05
  3. Head of Stone 5:13
  4. Filthy Love of Fire 5:20
  5. Hand Over End 4:15
  6. Will 4:57
  7. Dreams of Light 5:33
  8. Downtime (Part One) 5:16

16 Volt was one of the original bands that Chase played a demo tape of when he was initially petitioning Cargo Records to start Re-Constriction Records on his own. So 16 Volt might be considered foundation of what made Re-Constriction Records what it is today and what a solid foundation it is. The genius of Eric Powell is evident even on this first release in his ability to seamlessly mix guitar and harsh electronics in a way that neither seems to drown the other out. Having Dave Ogilvie and Fluffy around didn't hurt either when it came to the final mixing of the album. 16 Volt's premiere release is nothing short than a spectacular display of craftsmanship and musical inspiration. Having only recently been exposed to the music of the band via their two albums as well as being in the studio for a part of the recording of the third album has done nothing but increase my desire to acquire more than my fair share of their musical material for my own. Maybe I'm getting a little greedy here or treating Eric like a deity but a little reverence is healthy for the musician to audience relationship and perhaps with the little extra added faith a 16 Volt tour will head through my town sometime soon.

16 Volt is:
Eric Powell - vocals, programming, sampling, and guitars
Joel Bornzin - live drum tracks

Re-Constriction Records
4901-906 Morena Blvd
San Diego, CA 92117-3432
(619) 483-9292
Fax: (619) 483-7414


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