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Immediate Value Offered

Creative and articulate leader: Successfully communicate complex technical concepts while facilitating consensus between vendors, clients, senior management/executive teams and colleagues.

Builder of custom security solutions/frameworks: Effectively balance business needs with crucial information protection while being as flexible as possible for future development and technological advances.

Industry leader with proven experience: Security risk management, optimizing security assets and avoiding losses from security incidents to enhance decision-making capabilities.



Experience Overview



Five years Information Security experience; eight years Network Engineering experience with a focus on DMZ and Security; six years System Administrator with a focus on UNIX and Security.

Areas of Expertise: Security Architecture and Models; Policy Development/Integration; Project Lifecycle Management; Security Awareness; Training & Education; Security Incident Response Programs; IT Governance and Best Practices; Custom Security Solutions Engineering; Business Continuity/Contingency Planning; Physical Security and Access Control Systems; Vulnerability Assessments; Audit and Compliance Management; Vendor and Client Collaboration



Career Progression




Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, Intel Corporation is presently the world's largest and highest valued semiconductor chip maker with 80,000 full time employees and 80,000 contractors worldwide.

Information Security Specialist, 8/2010 to Present

Overview: Specialist within the Information Risk and Security Management (IRSM) organization; member of the Secure Outsourcing and External Presence (SOEP) team within IRSM; Manage cross-functional teams/working groups.

– Team lead for External Presence policy, architecture and governance review.

– Distinguished as the corporate expert on External Presence governance program.

– Project manager and primary author for External Presence Information Security Policy.

– Security engagement leader for Offshore Development Centers, Business Partners and Subsidiaries.

– Primary technical lead for the Firewall Technical Design Review governance review and landing process.

Key Contributions:

§  Recognized Corporate Expert, External Presence Governance Program: Creation of customer application templates, security architecture engagements with developers, Security Development Lifecycle management with software program managers, security policy awareness training and technical design for a team that reviewed 900+ Internet/Intranet application changes during 2012.

§  Security Organizational Lead, Custom Security Solutions: Each project requires custom security architectural engineering for unique customer, partner, vendor, merger, acquisition or third-party joint project designs. Accountable for protecting intellectual property, ensuring joint development is promoted and maintaining confidentiality until the projects are publically announced.

§  External Presence Policy Completion: Led successful completion of Information Security Collateral Documents (and co-authored five of the 25). Updated two Remote Connectivity Policies and created three new Information Security Collateral Documents to better align with current technologies and business direction.

§  Company-to-Company Sharing Security: Recognized “go to guy” and Subject Matter Expert concerning all functions associated with the management of data sharing requests with partner companies. Partnered routinely with IT Legal on each request and led the appropriate acceptance of sharing agreements between departments and organizations.



Information Security Analyst, 11/2008 to 7/2010

Overview: Information Security Lead for Corporate Risk Information Security Policies, Waivers/Exceptions and Security Engagement Requests.

– Oversee Information Security Policy for the entire corporation: Policy Life Cycle Management, Add/Modify/Change of Policy text, global organizational feedback, regular/ad-hoc review meetings.

– Managed cross team managerial approval: Final policy publishing and delivering notifications of all changes to the corporate community.

Key Contributions:

§  Provided annual training, tool access control, scheduling maintenance, hardware upgrade acquisitions and the fulfillment of staffing needs for software upgrades in support of a tool used for tracking all business approved temporary exceptions for Information Security Policy.

§  Managed ticketing systems for all Information Security Engagements for a 200+ person organization including routing and assigning engagements to the correct sub-teams, rerouting misrouted tickets, updating/realigning service queues after business unit reorganization and a ticketing tool upgrade — in addition to reporting ticket throughput metrics to management.


Network Security Engineer, 4/2000 to 10/2008

Overview: Network Operations Lead for Enterprise Application & Utility DMZ, Enclave & Trusted Zone architecture. Led projects including architecting and securing multi-tier technology for External Presence applications.

Key Contributions:

§  Network Engineer contributing to multi-layered network segmentation designs for secure Internet accessible application deployments.

§  Frequent attendee of security conventions such as DefCon, ToorCon, CanSecWest and Chaos Communication Congress to keep current with the most recent technology vulnerabilities.


UNIX Security Engineer, 6/1996 to 4/2000

Overview: Operations Lead for complex computing infrastructure of interconnected UNIX workstations and file servers.

Key Contributions:

§  Development support for world’s first Teraflop super computer, ASCII Red, which debuted on December 11, 1996.

§  Deployed common workstation builds, with extensive patch management, data backup and recovery.

§  Built, maintained and managed common tools suites utilized across multiple platforms with version controls.




Education & Training




Bachelor of Science: Management Information Systems, 5/1996




Audio Troublemaker, Building Block Head, RPG Dalliancer, Comic Collector,

Tech Security Nincompoop, Stencil Documentarian, Whiskey Aficionado, Corporate Slave. :)


Open to Relocation | Willing to Travel: Up to 25%