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Saturday - 9/7/97 - 11pm-2am

MindVirusChapel PerilousUndercurrent PDX
Area 88No ReleaseDemo
Area 88NephilimDemo
Area 88ShamelessDemo
Area 88Sinister ThingDemo
Secret ArtistTrack 15Undercurrent PDX
SinSkinReflections in the Looking Glass
The Fourth ManApocalypseThe Fourth Man
The Fourth ManAnvilThe Fourth Man
The Fourth ManPlagueThe Fourth Man
EtherbunnyPapa WoodyPapa Woody
EtherbunnyMr. PooppypantsPapa Woody
PigScumsbergA Poke in the Eye...with a Sharp Stick
PigIt Tolls for TheeA Poke in the Eye...with a Sharp Stick
PigBlood-slicked HighwayPraise the Lard
PigSick CityPraise the Lard
PigThe Seven VeilsThe Swining
PigRopeThe Swining
PigSerial Killer ThrillerSinsations
PigThe SickSinsations
PigMy Sanctuary (Spent Sperm Mix)Wrecked
PigThe Book of TequilaWrecked
PigPrime EvilPrime Evil
NumbGod is DeadNumb
NumbHeadcrashDeath on the Installment Plan
NumbCurseDeath on the Installment Plan
NumbRatblast (Live in Rotterdam)Fixate
NumbWasted SkyWasted Sky
NumbSmileWasted Sky
Vampire RodentsAutocannibalismWar Music
Vampire RodentsCrack BabiesWar Music
Vampire RodentsMeatWar Music
Vampire RodentsDogchildLullaby Land
Vampire RodentsGlow WormLullaby Land
Vampire RodentsExuviateLullaby Land
Vampire RodentsScavengerLullaby Land
Vampire RodentsDownwindClockseed
Vampire RodentsFloaterClockseed
Vampire RodentsAnother PlanetClockseed
Vampire RodentsTattoo MeClockseed
Vampire RodentsUnderneathGravity's Rim
Vampire RodentsGravity's RimGravity's Rim
Vampire RodentsIce BorersGravity's Rim
Vampire RodentsParameter SevenGravity's Rim
Vampire RodentsPorkerGravity's Rim

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