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Saturday - 9/6/97 - 9-10pm/11pm-2am

AnchorageThe ContradictionThe Bleak Wooden Tower
Love is Colder Than DeathIn Your PrescenceSpellbound
STOAPartusPorta VIII
IkonSleeplessLife Without End
Faith & The MuseThe Trauma CoilElyria
AutumnResurrectionThe Hating Tree
The Merry ThoughtsChantPsychocult
Love is Colder than DeathSecond LifeOxeia
JudithSahara SeasSahara Seas
Faith & the MuseRise & ForgetAnnwyn, Beneath the Waves
The Merry ThoughtsI SayMillenium Done I: Empire Songs
Szeki KurvaHunter KillerThe Sound of Dead Goats
Szeki KurvaA Running DuckThe Fearless Vampire Killers
:wumpscut:Josef Zech GrooveSmall Chamber Musicians
:wumpscut:Track 3Defcon
Bio-tekMurder WorldDarkness My Name Is
Society BurningStand & DeliverTactiq
Pygmy ChildrenMantraMalignant
DecreeDownwardWake of Devastation
ChainsuckMy Only SonAngelscore
Full FrequencyDrop DownMomentum
La Floa MaltidaL'oasis (Reconstructed by Haujobb & Forma Tadre)L'oasis
Seven TreesVelvet DreamEmbracing the Unknown
Venus WalkSpiralSide Effects
SimboloNo Through FareLe Sacre Du Printemps
Non-Aggression PactFlask9mm Grudge
IndexPsychotic SimulationTransmission 01.97
Out OutNever TellFinched
FoetusI Am Surrounded by IncompetenceDeaf
Evils ToyDizzy DivinationMoonraker Vol. 3
Television OverdoseHangar 59Terrestrial Broadcast
E-CraftBelieveForge the Steel
Project PitchforkDecember SadnessChakra: Red
Terminal 46Mainline to the BottomParadise Lost Me
db.FRetraceTransmission 01.97
Terminal ChoiceKhaosgottKhaosgott
PierrepointFinal ScanFinal Scan
System der DingeInsightNeues Elektro Blut
E.C.M.Bastard (Quiet)Ambivalence
X Marks the PedwalkI See You (Extended)Paranoid Illusions
Funker VogtTake Care (Nightmare Mix)Take Care
ThriveDeicide (Anthony H Mix)Continuum
Crocodile ShopHorizon (UTN's False Dawn)Metalwerks
Penal ColonyHalidified (SubGenius Mix)Scavengers in the Matrix

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