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Saturday - 9/5/98 - 11pm/2am

ManufactureEmergency BroadcastVoice of World Control
DrownMonsterProduct of a 2 Faced World
Mentallo vs MainthesaiWartime (Basket Case)Mentallo meets Mainthesai
Pop WIll Eat ItselfU.B.L.U.D.Go Box Frenzy
Society BurningElectro Body MusicCyberPunkFiction
Killing FloorJungle BoogieCyberPunkFiction
Society BurningChemlab's Dead, BabyCyberPunkFiction
Society BurningMos Eisley Download ContestCyberPunkFiction
HotboxYou Can Never TellCyberPunkFiction
NimpfLonesome TownCyberPunkFiction
VaticanAm I? (v1.2)Infocalypse
In Strict ConfidencePredictionFace the Fear
Torn SkinShameCollapsing Structures
X Marks The PedwalkRepressionFreaks
CanHalleluwa (Orbus 2)Sacrilege
DesarThe BrideLand of the Blind
Amber AsylumSong of the Spider WarNatural Philosophy of Love
IkonTemple of LightThis Quiet Earth
DespiratorAfterworld ... Vanishing SkyThe Oracle
Switchblade SymphonyMine EyesSerpentine Gallery
GlampireNumb and BlindThe Beginning of Terror
Fata MorganaAdvocateThe Disease of Lady Madeline
Sisters of MercyMarianFirst and Last and Always
This Mortal CoilStrength of StringsFiligree and Shadow
Lisa GerrardPilgrimage of Lost ChildrenDuality
Diamandas GalasGloomy SundayMalediction and Prayer
Tear CeremonySeismographFilm Decay
Frames a SecondLegendNature in Reverse
AtroxThe BorgContact
DecreeDelusionWake of Devastation
PigfaceRadio Bagpipe (Promartyr)Below The Belt
Aphex TwinBecephalus Bouncing BallPi
AutechreSecond Bad VilbelTri Repetae
Delta FilesDiagnoseBody Bags
ScornSilver Rain FellEvanescence
CoilThings HappenLove's Secret Domain

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