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Saturday - 9/27/97 - 11pm/12am

Kenji KawaiiMaking of CyborgGhost in the Shell
Electric Hellfire ClubCharles in ChargeTV Terror
NegativlandDrink It UpDispepsi
Welt WasherModern Man in RevoltEscape The Furnace
Imminent StarvationParasiticCulture Shock Compilation
AutechreSecond Bad VibelTri Repetae
DownloadTooly HoofIII
kr0p3r0mTracks 1-10A9FF
lxlFalse IlluminationUndercurrent
KMFDMSpit Sperm!@#$%
Killing FloorDivide By ZeroDivide By Zero
Pulse LegionDisillusionEvolve
HalomakerRegret MeSelf-Inflicted Creep

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