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Saturday - 9/20/97 - 11pm/2am

PigNo One Gets Out of Here AliveWrecked
Swamp TerroristsDive-Right-JabFive in Japan
Society BurningTactiqTactiq
Terminal SectPushbuttonBread & Wine for the Dirt
Mentallo & the FixerGoliathBurnt Beyond Recognition
Out OutP.A.B.Finched
NecrofixPassion's FollyNefarious Somnabulance
In Strict ConfidenceSinnerCryogenix
Crocodile ShopSplitting EarsPain
DiveGrowing Deep InsideSnakedressed
Funker VogtThis CircleThanks for Nothing
NumbBlind (Numb remix)Blind
Full FrequencyMachinesMomentum
Area 88NephilimDemo
MorgueDaydreams of a Serial KillerSweet Apology of Death
Kalte FarbenGotcha! (Now You Are Dead Mix)O-Files II
Suicide CommandoNecrophiliaCritical Stage
Evil SermonSuicide MindNeues Elektro Blut Vol. 1
Liquid Sex DecayPins & NeedlesLiquid Sex Decay
Soil & EclipseNocturnNecromancy
Imminent StarvationLost Highway 45Intelligent Inside
Switchblade SymphonyFunnelBread & Jam for Frances
Project PitchforkInsideDyhani
Holocaust TheoryBlack SkyProclaimed Visions
BytetThe Next StepFirst Bite
IkonCall of DespairFlowers for the Gathering
T.H.D.A Halogen GlowTransmission 01.97
Sabotage Q.C.Q.C.?Heidenangst (1st Step Mix)Transmission 01.97
NeuroactiveShapelessPhonic Trace
Terminal ChoiceFleishmachtKhaosgott
PierrepointKimFinal Scan
HocicoTemple of LiesOdio Bajo El Alma

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