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Saturday - 9/20/97 - 9pm/11pm

Welt WasherModern Man in RevoltEscape The Furnace
DecreeBitter EndWake of Devastation
PhylrTerminalContra la Puerta
TCHLast Known Resting PlaceSinflower
PALMetrumCulture Shock Comp
Legendary Pink DotsHellsvilleCrushed Velvet Apocalypse
Darrin VerhagenChernobylSoft Ash
DVOA vs Not BreathingAzathoth VenomA Fire in the Bronx Zoo
NadaExcruciateAwkward y Borracho core del todo
RemylAahhhmmm (Wumpscut Mix)Disruptor
Lab ReportTectonic Plate ShiftExcision
NoisexRealOver and Out
MortiisFodt fil a Hershek Part 1Fodt fil a Hershek
Switchblade SymphonyDirty DogBread and Jam For Frances
Soil & EclipseAdoramusteNecromancy
CollideSon of a Preacher ManGot Moose?
Les JumeauxCobaltCobalt
Brimingham 6You Cannot Walk Here (Victimized Edit)You Cannot Walk Here
New MindFurnaceForge
Alien FaktorLiber HateArterial Spray... and Cattle Mutilations
In Strict ConfidenceBurning AngelCryogenix
Killing Floor12-10-48Divide By Zero
PigfaceWarzoneA New High in Low
Cult of JesterRetro O.G. (Pimp Remix)Escape The Furnace

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