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Saturday - 9/19/98 - 11pm/2am

mindFluxFuneralHatred (Antipathy Mix)Birthmark
In Strict ConfidenceEmpireFace The Fear
Front Line AsemblyPredator (Final Mix)Re-Wind
LeaetherstripHow Do I Know? (Controlled Fusion)Yes, I'm Limited Vol II
PierrepointTrain (Kaanbalik)Final Scan
Eco-HedHere We AreEco-Hed
Fatal Blast WhipForbiddenCollapsing Structures
BiopsyWhy Bother?Elektro Discharge
globalWAVEsystemWheelLethal Injection
Bound in OblivionDon't You Forget About MeFlesh, Nails & Razorblades
London After MidnightKissPsycho Magnet
The AzoicThe Sad WordWhere Broken Angels Lie
Gary NumanInnocence BleedingExile
Die FormLove is ColdDuality
AttritionThe Mercy MachineHistory
ExovedateSpatia Temprestar NoctisSeduced by Illusions
CtrlLiocSecure The Shadow
DesarMy Private ApostleLand of the Blind
SiouxsieRed LightKaleidoscope
Sisters of MercyFloorshowSome Girls Wander By Mistake
The Hope BlisterIs Jesus Your Pal?The Hope Blister
Sonic SubjunkiesWelcome to Central IndustrialMolotov Lounge
BeatmistressKi-YahThe Exotic Drums of
TorsionDr 40000 Hz.Dark Tatoo Satellite
Esplendor GeometricoControl de VigilantisPolyglophone
VrombCommunication 3Le Facteur Humain
Mika VainoNovobriskInteriors
AubeSilent LightFlare
LullMoments (Random)Moments

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