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Saturday - 8/16/97 - 10:30pm/12am

Noise UnitProstituteDrill
DiveWheeping in the DarkSnakedressed
Mentallo & The FixerGoliathBurnt Beyond Recognition
LeaetherstripKill a RaverSelf-Inflicted
Crocodile ShopWaiting Game (SIngle Mix)Metalwerks
DeleriumTil The End of TimeKarma
MesmerFire Reveals ItselfUndercurrent
162DarknessFutronik Structures
NecrofixDeluge of the SoulNefarious Somnabulance
Swamp TerroristsPale TormentFive in Japan
UNIT:187Dead DogsLoaded
Society BurningLess Than ZeroTactiq
Terminal SectSkin FrostBread & Wine For The Dirt
FractureTerror EyesKillernet
Funker VogtBlack HoleThanks For Nothing
Out OutWarning (Quagmire)Finched

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