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Sunday - 7/6/97 - 10pm/12am

Zero DefectsClean SlateNon-Recycleable
MorgueForeverThe Mind is a Labryinth
Clone DTInfectSexDIGitALL
HaujobbAmplified DistanceMatrix
PailheadMan Should SurrenderTrait
Leaether StripMurder/Getting Away With ItColours of Zoth Ommog
Front 242Don't CrashBack Catalogue
PigfaceAspholeFeels Like Heaven...Sounds Like Shit
Skinny PuppyDeep Down Trauma HoundsTwelve Inch Anthology
Women of SodomBootsWomen of Sodom
Bio-tekVaxineA God Ignored is a Demon Born
SnogSpermy ManLies, Inc.
Vampire RodentsObsidianGravity's Rim
Meat MachineNumb ReligionMust Be Mental Vol. 1
Terminal SectDissident EyeBread and Wine for the Dirt
ArtefaktoSol NegroTierra Electrica
Out OutIngratesPepperbox Muzzle
Skinny PuppyAngerCleanse Fold & Manipulate
Skinny PuppyDeadlinesBites & Remission
Skinny PuppyHardset HeadThe Process
Skinny PuppyDig ItTwelve Inch Anthology

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