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Saturday - 7/4/98 - 11pm/2am

Front 242Born To BreatheAnimals vs Angels
Graven ImageDescriptive LinesBlack Lung Cathedral
Meat Beat ManifestoAcid AgainAcid Again
Suicide CommandoState of Emergency (VAC Mix)O-Files II
Esplendor GeometricoTransmetalSynchrotron
SonarWounded StarConnected
DiveDark RoomSnakedressed
Thine EyesFlick FlickChristian Sex Loops
Aghast ViewVaporizeCarcinopest
THDAnubisWatz Your Program
Ringtailed SnorterCold RoomLook Back in the Mirror
Velvet Acid ChristPlanck's ConstantNeuralblastoma
Current 93Lucifer Over LondonLucifer Over London
MalignThe Diseased and the BlindShatter and Impale
DeleriumIncantationSemantic Spaces
The CruxshadowsMarilyn My BitternessTelemetry of a Fallen Angel
Sub VersionIce AngelThe Winds of War
CollideFalling UpBeneath The Skin
Sisters of MercyNine While NineFirst and Last and Always
Switchblade SymphonyDirty DogBeard & Jam for Frances
This AscensionSerpent's SerenadeDiva X Machine II
Die FormCantiqueHeavenly Voices
Siouxsie and the BansheesPulled To BitsNocturne
MalignSkin and LyeShatter and Impale
Einstruzende NeubautenTanz DebilStrategies Against Architecture I
Einstruzende NeubautenMorning DewFuenf Auf Der Nach Uben Offen Richterscale
Einstruzende NeubautenMerle (Die Elektrik)Zeichnuigen Des Patienten OT
Einstruzende NeubautenZeichnuigen Des Patienten OTZeichnuigen Des Patienten OT
Einstruzende NeubautenFeurio!Haus Der Luge
Einstruzende NeubautenHaus Der LugeHaus Der Luge
Einstruzende NeubautenSand Strategies Against Architecture II
Einstruzende NeubautenArmenia (Live) Strategies Against Architecture II
Einstruzende NeubautenJordache Strategies Against Architecture II
Einstruzende NeubautenSieTabula Rasa
Einstruzende NeubautenWusteTabula Rasa
Einstruzende NeubautenInstallation No 1Ende Neu
Einstruzende NeubautenThe GardenEnde Neu

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