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Saturday - 7/3/99 - 11pm/12am

SnogCliche (Live at Las Vegas Hilton)Cliche
Area 88FractureLost EP
DiveBroken MeatTokyo Live 95
Slag Boom Van LoonFallen Angels Enter PandemoniumSlag Boom Van Loon
OrphyxNullity 1Nullity 10"
Substanz TTheroinIntersolar
PierrepointSlaught (Shortcut Mix)Pulsing Redlight
ConverterComaShock Front
Cut Rate BoxPressing the LittleBlue Ice Black
InternalLiving in the NowDysfunctional Subconscious
C17H19NO3A Spell for Breathing an Opening into the Sky1692/2092
Velvet Acid ChristFutile 99Fun With Knives
WisebloodStop Trying to Tie MeP.T.T.M.

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