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Saturday - 6/7/97 - 9pm/10:30pm

UNIT:187Shape ShifterLoaded
NeuroplagueBed of NailsAlter
Szeki KurvaChicken Head (Dunghill Rooster Mix)Music for Joyriders
Vomito NegroBaby Needs CrackCompiled
2nd CommunicationDNA Spiral (My Chromosomal Friend Version)My Chromosomal Friend
InsektWe Can't TrustWe Can't Trust The Insect
A Split SecondMambo WitchFrom The Inside
MeshSomething WrongIn This Place Forever
InfamBlood DealerSound-Line Vol 5
Scapa FlowSea SickVirtual Energy Vol 2
Kevorkian Death CycleLet Us DieCollection For Injection
PsychopompsHow I Hate666 Nights in Hell
InertiaRetaliateProgrammed to Respond
Clone DTScout BoysDIGitALL
Seven TreesDesire Slowly BurstingEmbracing The Unknown
Putrefy Factor 7Erotic Forces SocietyTotal Mind Collapse
Page 12MisanthropeThe Violence of Truth

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