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Saturday - 6/21/97 - 9pm/10pm

Keith Le BlancMoveMajor Malfunction
TackheadMind at the End of the TetherTackhead Sound System
Pop Will Eat ItselfNot Now James, We're BusyThis is the Day, This is the Hour, This is This!
DiatribeCockeyed MotherfuckerTherapy
NeuroplagueMechanized GodAborted
Schnitt AchtHe Bought the FarmOn the Firing Line
Pain StationPieces of YouPersonal Demons
Cabaret VoltaireHere To GoCode
Front Line AssemblyBig MoneyGashed Senses & Crossfire
Noise UnitRitualisticGrinding Into Emptiness
Controlled BleedingThe Fodder SongTrudge
Strict 9 StrandBlackoutElectrobodymusic

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