Playlist: Saturday - 5/10/97 - 8pm/10pm

NumbHeadcrashDeath on the Installment Plan
Swamp TerroristsP.T.S.D.Combat Shock
CollideStrangeBeneath The Skin
Vampire RodentsFloaterClockseed
Non-Aggression PactBleeding Messiah9mm Grudge
16 VoltWisdomWisdom
Waiting For GodQuarter Inch ThickQuarter Inch Thick
Society BurningImmobilize MeEntropy Lingua
GwarPenis I SeeThis Toilet Earth
Clay PeopleMechanized MindStone-Ten Stitches
Kevorkian Death CycleVealCollection For Injection
Under The NoiseThis World DesireOf Generation & Corruption
Virus 23Take It (Part Uno)Masquerade Madness
Schnitt AchtRageSlash & Burn
Vein CageCandle BurnFeral Din
STGAdvice to AdamNo Longer Human
DessauNo WayExercise in Tension
IndexStatic SkySky Laced Silver
Fektion FeklerTurn Around MindFrom Here To Heaven
Pygmy ChildrenRecoilDeconstruct
Noise BoxLetter DieThe Bigginning

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