Playlist: Saturday - 4/6/97 - 10:45pm/12am

Evil MothersI Like FurSpider Sex & Car Wrecks
ChemlabChemical Halo (Bruised Regeneration)Magnetic Field Remixes
Swamp TerroristsNightmareNightmare
Front Line AssemblyTranstimeMillenium
Scar TissueOur DiseaseSeperator
Iron Lung CorporationJoin in the Murderous ChantBig Shiney Spears
Individual TotemLevitation (Shotgun Mix)S.E.T.I.
LeaetherstripAdrenaline RushSolitary Confinement
SnogCliche' (Mk Ultra)Cliche
Pain StationThe End of YouThere is No Time
Piece MachineMy TimeChaos Compilation
AbstinenceFreeze Frame ProphetsTheorem
Of Skin and Saliva...SahulSahul
ATD ConventionMy World (Edit)Cyber Relations

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