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Saturday - 4/11/98 - 11pm/2am

MonolithDe-Compressed FormCompressed Form
SynapscapeTravelAnt-hology 1
Vega/PanasonicMedalWire Tapper
HybrydsGlobal NetTectonic Overload
WinterkalteSmokey MountainsStructures of Destruction
AndxesionAndexsion (excerpt)Live Punishment 3
Imminent StarvationTentack (Live)Ant-hology 1
Tension FactorCogResurgence
NumbBlindBlood Meridian
Das IchChromaEgodram
Kirlian CameraBroken MeatObsession
Thine EyesUncomplicationChristian Sex Loops
Hyperdex-1-SectHear Nothing (Download Renix)Metachrome
Evil's ToyMotionlessInnovation
Not BreathingThe FloaterThe Starry Wisdom
CovenantFinal Man (Club Version)Final Man
HexedeneOnly Human (Bastard Mix)Choking on Lilies
LuxtWitchhuntRazing Eden
BiopsyCX StateCervix State Sequences
Individual TotemVinceMind Sculptures Flesh
The OmenAve SataniThe Omen
This Mortal CoilThe JewellerFiligree and Shadow
Dead Can DanceUllysesThe Serpent's Egg
C17H19NO3ScarificeTerra Damnata
AttritionA Girl Called HarmonyA Tricky Business
Switchblade SymphonyDroolDrool
Soil and EclipseNecromancyNecromancy
Trance to the SunLeavesDelerious
Christian DeathFigurative Theatre (Klute Mix)IndustrialMix Machine
Sisters of MercyAliceSome Girls Wander by Mistake

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