Playlist: Sunday - 3/9/97 - 11pm/12am

The Fourth ManCitizenThe Fourth Man
Christ AnalogueOptimaRe-Constriction's 10* Year Anniversary
ArtefaktoNuevos EdificiosTierra Electrica
Controlled BleedingConsecration's WillPenetration
Dive/Kirlian CameraObsessionObsession
BucketheadFlying GuillotineThe Day of the Robot
Kevorkian Death CycleNever Say NeverNewer Wave
mindFluxFuneralFleshMind/Body Comp #2
Bizzare AlliancePlutoniumMelt
SuicietyManslaughterCentury of Brutality
Shade FactoryBigger of SomethingA Terminal Cage

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