Playlist: Saturday - 3/30/97 - 11pm/12am

DeleriumForgotten WorldsKarma
Deutsch Nepal/
The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath the Clouds
Track #1 (excerpt)A Night in Fear
Schloss TegalProcession of the DeadThe Soul Extinguished
Not BreathingQuiditySangre Azul
Scar TissueLaughing Response MachineTMOTD
In The NurseryAfter The FuneralThe Cabinet of Doctor Caligari
NullVoice of EternityTerminal Beach
AubeDrain PlainQuadrotation
Dead Voices on AirRalbagHow Hollow Heart
His Masters VoiceThe Earth Below (excerpt)Singing The Boundaries
Steve RoachThe Dreamer Descends (excerpt)Amplexus
Final________ (Track #5)2
LustmordHeresy Part #1Heresy

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