Playlist: Saturday - 3/22/97 - 8pm/10pm

Skinny PuppyVX Gas AttackVIVIsectVI
AmGodGismo (Dogma 3 Remix)Electronic Youth Vol III
:wumpscut:Soylent GreenMusic for the Slaughtering Tribe
PigSerial Killer ThrillerSinsation
Virus 23P.T.S.D.Masquerade Madness
Swamp TerroristsGet-OKiller
ChemlabElectric Molecular (BMB Mix)Electric Molecular
BolHelmetHate Breeds Hate
Pain StationCloser to the EdgeAnxiety
Digital PoodleCombat (Two Fisted Mix)Combat
Spahn RanchCompression TestThe Coiled One
Collapsed SystemBerlin 2007Berlin 2007
Noise UnitDominator Drill
LuxtDevil's AdvocateDisrepair
Crocodile ShopCelebrate the EnemyCelebrate the Enemy
BatteryRepress (Microtronic Edit)Diva X Machina
Hate DeptThis Doggy BitesOmnipresent
Scar TissueCrashtimeTMOTD
Second DiseaseBlack OrderFlame the Dark True
Front Line AssemblyOutcastTactical Neural Implant
SnogCorporate SlaveRemote Control

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