Playlist: Saturday - 3/15/97 - 10pm/12am

NegativlandCarbombEscape From Noise
Tear GardenJudgement HourTo Be An Angel Blind, The Crippled Soul Divide
Thine EyesSoft in the HandFrom the Taunt
Vampire RodentsLow OrbitClockseed
VaticanJ.C.S. 1991Deus Ex Machina
X Marks The PedwalkT.O.L.Meshwork
FlukeAtom BombWipeout XL
FoetusVerklemnt (Protecto Mix)Null
Pop Will Eat Itself88 SecondsCure for Sanity
BabylandHe Will Not ForgiveWho's Sorry Now?
Kill Switch... KlickKontortiondeGENERATE
Sector 7GNeedle Whore (live)Boston Elektro 101
Noise UnitThe DrainDrill
Skinny PuppyLove in Vein (live)Brap
:wumpscut:In The Night (Full Range Track)Gomorra
LaibachSymphony For The DevilSymphony For The Devil
Forma TadrePlasmsleepNavigator
Virus 23Take It Part UnoMasquerade Madness
Mentallo & The FixerOther World Technologies (Mescal Mix)Centuries
Front Line AssemblyInternal CombustionSurface Patterns
Cobalt 60T.O.M.A.M.Elemental
Chemlab21st Century (Rough Sex Edit)Magnetic Field Remixes
Die KruppsMetalmorphosis (Shifting Mutation Mix)Remix Wars: Strike II
La Floa MalditaLa Fin (Gamora Mix)Not Released

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