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Saturday - 2/28/98 - 11pm/2am

PanaceaLow-Tek (Intro)Low Profile Darkness
AlkalineFazemast V1.0The Glory of Destruction
ScornIn ForSonics Everywhere
Bagman1 Times 4 Your Mind (3x)Wrap
Not BreathingQuixlThe Starry Wisdom
Test Dept.Enigma of Doctor DeeTactics For Evolution
Szeki KurvaGoat DanceThe Sound of Dead Goats
The AzoicIntimate IncisionsCircuir Noir
Hyperdex-1-SectMind (X Marks The Pedwalk Mix)Darker Techno 199
Thine EyesThieve's DanceSongs From The Asylum 1
IndexBliss (Extended Minimal Fade)Infiltrate & Corrupt
RetinaExorcisedDigital Wings 1
Individual TotemDepressive TendenciesMind Sculptures Flesh
SpineFolderIllartia (PDX Edit)Resurgence
Hoodlum PriestAddictsHoodlum Priest
:wumpscut:Is It You? (Scintillating Mix)Born Again
BiopsyAesthetic CrimeCervix State Sequences
KMFDMMegalmaniac (Bomb Mix)MDFMK
ShiningMy HollywoodDin
Society BurningNaked & SavageSongs From The Wasteland
Funker VogtUnder ControlWe Came To Kill
X Marks The PedwalkMaximum PaceDrawback
Cevin KeyWind on Small PawsMusic For Cats
NewtHull Break-273 C
CaulTheophanyMachines in the Garden
BlackhouseSleazyShades of Black
Tribes of NeurotUnspoken PathStatic Migration
RapoonHollow FlightThe Fires of The Borderlands
Blink TwiceFellow TravellersOther Locations

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