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Saturday - 02/12/2000 - 11pm/1am

ManufactureEmergency BroadcastVoice of World Control
Individual TotemSubsistenceMind Sculptures Flesh
Heavy Water FactoryDelusions (of Grandeur)Cries From Hell
DiveBroken MeatConcrete Jungle
DecreeDelusionWake of Devastation
Scar TissueAlias21st Circuitry Shox II
SomaStygian VistaInner Cinema
Tear GardenJudgement HourTo be An Angel Blind...
Die WarzauAll Good GirlsEngine
Gary NumanQuestion of FaithSacrifice
SalvoGuttersnipeCult of Speed
DownloadBase Metal (Remix)Sidewinder
Front 242Don't CrashBack Catalogue
FoetusA Prayer for My DeathThaw
LuxtWitchhuntRazing Eden
Front Line AssemblySurface PatternsSurface Patterns
BabylandTest PilotOutlive Your Enemies
Christ AnalogueProduct of the RapeTexture Ov Despise
:wumpscut:EscapeEvil Young Flesh
Das IchChromaEgodram
Doubting ThomasClocksThe Infidel
Pop Will Eat ItselfBulletproofThe Looks or the Lifestyle
Black LungThe Depopulation BombThe Depopulation Bomb
Future Sound of LondonMy Kingdom Part 4Electronic Lust II

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