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Saturday - 11/15/97 - 9pm/10pm,11pm-12am

CoilFirst Dark RideUnnnatural History III
CoilBaby FoodUnnnatural History III
CoilMusic for CommercialsUnnnatural History III
CoilPanic (12" version)Unnnatural History III
CoilNeither His Nor YoursUnnnatural History III
CoilFeederUnnnatural History III
CoilWrong EyeUnnnatural History III
Alien FaktorTen KingdomsArterial Spray... and Cattle Mutilations
MorgueOn the Cross (extended version)Sweet Apology of Death
NumbDesireBlood Meridian
Insight 23DiseaseDigital Wings
dP4Compo MentisMinimal Synth Ethics
IndexMegabyss/NeurodizneyFaith in Motion
Out OutFutileVoiceprint
Porcupine DefenseWinter EyesSplinter
Aghast ViewFade Out (No doubt remix)Vapor Eyes
Pulse LegionHideawayEvolve

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