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Saturday - 10/4/97 - 11pm/2am

NumbDirtBlood Meridian
Doubting ThomasTurn a New LeafFather Don't Cry
GridlockRegretThe Synthetic Form
Forma TadreGates (Firewall Edit)Intelligent Inside
SimboloThe Leading VoiceMusic From the Masses
Fiction 8Labyrinth (The Unknown)Dissonance Indifference
Kalte FarbenFlower IndustryOpium
Digital FactorDaily InsanityOn Demand
KowpB-RealityMagnetic Submission
TackheadMove ItPower Inc. Vol. 2
Szeki KurvaSylvanian Families (Doughnutmix)Music for Joyriders
Axonal WarfareDead Time (Editmix)Dead Time
Decoded FeedbackCorrossionSound-Line Vol. 6
Noxious EmotionCrawl KingdomCount Zero
And OneCreaturesSound-Line Vol. 6
Funker VogtTake Care! (Nightmare Mix)Take Care!
New MindHatespillFractured
DecreeDarkness VisibleWake of Devastation
NumbMr. Rodger's NeighborhoodTV Terror
LickStar TrekTV Terror
Idiot StareBrady BunchTV Terror
HaloblackFat AlbertTV Terror
CollideFelix the CatTV Terror
Alien Sex FiendBatmanTV Terror
Alien FaktorLaverne & ShirleyTV Terror
Loretta's DollScooby DooTV Terror
Alien FaktorZombie MarchArterial Spray... And Cattle Mutilation
Terminal 46Stagger Back HomeParadise Lost Me
ContagionTurn of the Screw (PCB Edit)Contaminant PCB
KluteNo Man's LandExcluded
PsychopompsThe SlaughterPro-Death Ravers
Cobalt 60Poor Poor PamElemental
Under the NoiseMind MachineFuture Automatic

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