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Saturday - 10/30/99 - 10pm/12am

Jared LoucheSuicide JagCovergirl
NadaExcruiateAwkward y barracho core del todo
Not BreathingTrack 12Itchy Tingle
Heavy Water FactoryMeaninglessTranslucent Amber
Landscape Body MachineSubterranean ILandscape Body Machine
SkylashXYZ UtopiaEmphyreal Day Dreams
SnogLand of the BlandThird Mall From the Sun
HaujobbEye Over You (Surveillance)Frames
Kevorkian Death CycleThe DoorwayA+0(M)
Pulse LegionWho Decides V2.0One Thing
Doubting ThomasCome in PeaceThe Infidel
VNV NationHonorPraise the Fallen
LustmordOpen Towers EmergeLustmord vs Metal Beast
AutechreCipaterChiastic Slide
Imminent StarvationLost Highway 45Human Dislocation
ConverterShock FrontShock Front
DecreeThe Last DayWake of Devastation
SnogThe BalladBuy Me... I'll Change Your Life
Hoodlum PriestSlow and LowHoodlum Priest
Gary NumanDominion DayExile

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