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Saturday - 10/28/2000 - 11pm/2am

Skinny PuppyRiverz EndLast Rights
Halo_GenTerminal BeachHalo_Gen
Blink TwiceNatural EndNewer Unknown Breeds
Percuptual Outer DimensionsTerminusEuphonia
DeleriumTil the End of TimeKarma
RecoilLast BreathUnsound Methods
ScornThe EndEvanescence
Nine Inch NailsLastBroken
DiatribeLand's EndDiatribe
Final CutTerminateAtonement
Sister Machine GunBitter EndMetropolis
Alien FaktorEgo DeathFinal Expenses
Evil MothersLast SuffererSpider Sex & Car Wrecks
DecreeBitter EndWake of Devastation
SynapscapeStop YieldExoskeleton I
PierrepointFinal ScanFinal Scan
DiveFinal ReportFinal Report
NoisexThe End Part I & IIOut of Order
Suicide CommandoEnd of You LifeStored Images
LeaetherstripThe Darkness Ends the DayLegacy of Hate & Lust
CovenantFinal ManEuropa
Pule LegionEnd it AllOne Thing
HaujobbFinalHomes & Gardens
Project PitchforkEndzeitAlpha/Omega
Deathline InternationalYou Can't Stop MeExcel
Terminal SectSex, Dying & Zero GravityBread & Wine for Dirt
Kevorkian Death CycleThe EndCollection for Injection
HalomakerLast Soul LostSelf-Infected Creep
BabylandIt Never EndsOutlive Your Enemies
YelworCLast ExitCollection 1988-1994
Industrial HeadsThe Fear and Anguish at the EndTFAAATE
Crocodile ShopIt Never StopsCelebrate the Enemy
Die KruppsLast FloodIII: Odyssey of the Mind
16 VoltHand Over EndWisdom
AbstinenceLast Cry of an Irresolute SocietyTheorem
PhylrTerminalContra la Puerta
SomaThe EndInner Cinema
Pain StationThe End of YouThere is No Time
TerminalBlack Rain Mk IIArt of Brutality

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