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Saturday - 1/9/99 - 11pm/2am

Heavy Water FactoryVampire (Tasty)Cries From Hell
Evil's ToyTransparent FrequenciesAngels Only
Suicide CommandoDesire (SC DNA Swab)Construct Destruct
InformatikEnropy (Syntax Mix)Syntax
Fektion FeklerOverway (Wibble Wobble)Kling Klang Bedlam
Funker VogtCivil WarExecutioners Tracks
Spahn RanchWell ChargedBeat Noir
3D House of BeefSociety of Old Crows (Scar Tissue)Similar Attack Patterns
MorgueNuclear Weapons TestMind is a Labryinth
Harris/BernochhiNervousTotal Station
ItUniversal Automata SyndicateFlatline
Moata OmenAs NazgAnt-hology 1
Imminent StarvationTentack (Live)Ant-hology 1
NoisexThe Day AfterAnt-hology 1
Ars MoriendiEndlich!Ant-hology 1
P*A*LI Set My Dog on FireAnt-hology 1
HypnoskullRhythmusmaschine (rmx 2)Ant-hology 1
MorgensternSalvationAnt-hology 1
SynapscapeTravelAnt-hology 1
Sigullum SHeavy Weather FlickersAnt-hology 1
DKFEthnaticAnt-hology 1
ASPHymnAnt-hology 1
SonarDislocation (Live)Ant-hology 1
VrombAu Dessus Du SolAnt-hology 1
Pineal Gland ZirbeldrueseIntroAnt-hology 1
StromlinieU-Bahn-FahrtAnt-hology 1
T.G.V.T.Final InsultAnt-hology 1
Stone Glass SteelCircle of SoundAnt-hology 1
SynapscapeHelix (Asche Remix)Ant-hology 1
Das SchreckenskabinettThe Black LodgeAnt-hology 1
Nightmare LodgeAwakeningAnt-hology 1
MondblutMan's Infinite SoulAnt-hology 1
Ah Cama SotzThe Howl of the WerewolfAnt-hology 1
Contagious OrgasmIn My HeartAnt-hology 1
TelepheriqueMemoriesAnt-hology 1
AubeAcross The Water (remix)Ant-hology 1
HybrydsI Walk AloneAnt-hology 1
SaltLaphroaighAnt-hology 1

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