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Saturday - 01/08/2000 - 11pm/1am

ClockDVAThe Hacker (Video Mix)Buried Dreams
Front Line AssemblyMindphaserTactical Neural Implant
Skinny PuppyKilling GameLast Rights
HaujobbEye Over YouHomes & Gardens
:wumpscut:Soylent GreenMusic for a Slaughtering Tribe
Spahn RanchHeretic's ForkThe Coiled One
DownloadGlassblowerEyes of Stanley Pain
SnogThe Human GermBuy Me...I'll Change Your Life
VNV NationHonourPraise the Fallen
KometManhattan20' to 2000
Ilpo VaisanenTwelve Riddles20' to 2000
Ryoji Ikeda9920' to 2000

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