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Saturday - 1/2/99 - 11pm/1am

In The NurseryPoemaLingua
Gary NumanPraySacrifice
Falling YouMercyMercy
Fektion FeklerDehabilitated (War Changes)Kling Klang Bedlam
Heavy Water FactoryDelusions (Of Grandeur)Cries From Hell
InformatikThings to Come (Off the Wagon)Syntax
VaticanDont' (Radio Edit)Demo
Suicide CommandoAcid BathConstruct Destruct
Evil's ToyConcrete GardenAngels Only
VNV NationProcessionFlatline
LeaetherstripNo Rest For The Wicked (No Vox)Yes, I'm Limited Vol III
Xorcist1999Newer Wave 2.0
Spahn RanchWarmth of SilenceBeat Noir
Crocodile ShopUselessEverything is Dead and Gone
Funker Vogt4th DimensionExecutioners Tracks
MorgueDaydreamingSweet Apology of Death
PanaceaTabsuchtTwisted Designz
Harris/BernocchiFloaterTotal Station
SnogHuman GermHuman Germ
Plotkin/SpybeyJute WheelA Peripheral Blur

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