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Saturday - 1/17/98 - 11pm/12am

Les JumeauxShin TiaoCobalt
Waiting For GodTrust In MeDesipramine
Gary NumanDead HeavenExile
C-TecThe LostDarker
Killing FloorTear It All Away (Instituture of Technology)Come Together
Individual TotemParadoxon (Grade 2)Tyranny Off The Beat IV
Front Line AssemblyElectrocution (Rough Mix)Tyranny Off The Beat IV
SaltStolen IconsExoskeleton
Kalte FarbenDry WetTrust in Opium
NoisexNo FearExoskeleton
Immininent StarvationNot Human IHuman Relocation
HybrydsAlchemyRelease Your Mind 2

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