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Saturday - 1/16/99 - 11pm/2am

Heavy Water FactoryEveryone's in HeavenCries From Hell
Non-Aggression PactBlown LividBroadcast Quality Beligerence
Spahn RanchTest My ReactionBeat Noir
A New JanuaryAfter ClothesAfter Clothes
Fektion FeklerJust Another TryKling Klang Bedlam
Suicide CommandoBetter Off DeadConstruct - Destruct
DiveWehere Are You? (Live)Flatline
Harris/BernochhiThe CorridorTotal Station
MuslimgauzeSpiked HandSonar vs Muslimgauze
Chain BridgeSpooky Castle in BudaLanchid
This Mortal CoilCome Here My LoveFiligree & Shadow
ArcantaMayaThe Eternal Return
Soil and EclipseRejoiceNecromancy
Switchblade SymphonyMine EyesSerpentine Gallery
London After MidnightKissPsycho Magnet
CollideFalling UpBeneath the SKin
LuxtWitchhuntRazing Eden
Die FormLive is ColdDuality
Einstruzende NeubautenThe GardenEnde Neu
VoltaireRaven's LandThe Devil's Bris
Loretta's DollYou Never KnowNocturnal Arcade
Razor SkylineQueen of HeavenJournal of Trauma
The CruxshadowsClerestoryTelemetry of a Fallen Angel
Trance to the SunLeavesDelerious
Sub VersionThe SoundThe Disease of Lady Madeline
MalignSkin and LyeShatter & Implae
Dead Can DanceXavierWithin the Realm of the Dying Sun
This Mortal CoilSong to the SirenThis Mortal Coil
AubeHymnPages From The Book
Yoshihide/SachihoFilimanet 1-8Filament 1
OrphyxNullity 2.3Vita Meditiva
Eugene ThackerVersion 4.2.2Sketches for Biotech Rsearch
Needle SharingWa Are BackCave II
Speed-IDBela Luigosi's DeadSatori

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