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Saturday - 01/15/2000 - 11pm/2am

Pop Will Eat ItselfDance of the Mad BastardsCure for Sanity
LeaetherstripTurn to StoneUnderneath the Laughter
Flesh FieldWhere Angels Go to DieViral Extinction
ClockDVAHideBuried Dreams
ChemlabVera Blue (Pig Remix)East Side Militia
Klutching EnvyAlice's HouseDemo
MFDMississippiJustice is Waiting
Mlada FrontaHigh TensionHigh Tension
New MindXenomorpha (Forma Tadre Mix)21st Shox II
Mara's TormentA Particular Fear of BirdsBarrier of the Skin
COHInto the Memories of Stone20' to 2000
Byetone20' to 200020' to 2000
Senking20' to 200020' to 2000
Gary NumanDominion DayExile
C17H19NO3A Spell for Breaking Open...1692/2092
Stromkernim TraumDammerung im Traum
Cobalt 60WailTwelve
Crocodile ShopCelebrate the EnemyCelebrate the Enemy
NumbBlindBlood Meridian
MindFluxFuneralDream it DeadBirthmark
Swamp TerroristsNightmareNightmare
Les JumeauxCobaltCobalt
Noise UnitHollow GroundStrategy of Violence
AcumenGun Lover (Demo)Thanatopsis

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