NEW MIND updates:

November 01:

Jonathan Sharp recently sent Doppler Effect the final revision of the fourth Bio-Tek album, tentatively titled "Ceremony of Innocence". The album contains 10 tracks and is around 50 minutes of new music. Finalized details and a release date are being generated right now.

Along with this release, a 50 copy limited edition box set will be released. The content of these individually numbered box sets will include the full length album, stickers, and a 3" CDR containing two brand-new, unreleased tracks as well as a yet to be determined remix. The box set will be packaged in DVD case that will be autographed and hand-numbered by Jonthan Sharp himself. Details for this box set are not final so additional items may be added to this release before the final street date.  (From the Doppler Effect website)

August 01:

For those who have not heard, Sharp was involved in an auto accident some weeks ago and has been on the mend since then. Our thoughts are with him.

'Bullet Proof Divas', the second release by Hexedene will be available shortly. We will keep you informed of further developments with the band.

New Mind's fifth full-length 'Phoenix' has been completed and is out now on Doppler Effect records.

We do apologize for the gap in updates. Our day occupations have been getting the better of our time for the last few months.

March 01:

Punishment for Decadence European re-release  will be be out asap on Wire Records and the followup entitled: 'The Ceremony of Innocence' will be released later this year.

Jonathan is currently  working on  NEW MIND's fifth full-length: 'Phoenix' also.

The TAKSHAKA album is slowly coming together, Gun Music will be releasing it when it's done.

Saturday, 3rd March LONDON
Sunday, 4th March NOTTINGHAM

February 01:

New domain etc etc. We're alive. Work  continues on the newest Bio-Tek release which we have managed to hear and we were very impressed with. We hope you all will be also. This fourth release will be out on Doppler Effect records.