#1: New Mind's supposed FLA crutch:

Let it be known by all that Jonathan Sharp has NEVER and will NEVER resort to making a career off of other people's work and he most certainly will NOT make endless pointless references to other bands he has had a hand in "forming". The differences between these two bands has been obvious from the start, no more should EVER need be said about this matter.

#2: The Cyber-Tec "incident":

Sharp was never informed about any line-up changes in the band until he read it in a fax from the German magazine 'New Life'. Let it also be known that Sharp has stated "Marc Heal and myself working together? Hell would have to freeze over for that to happen." Jed Denton's debut album was produced, mixed and engineered at New Mind HQ (IN ONE DAY) and what has been the thanks for it? A bunch of mean-spirited and ruthless judgemental statements about the quality of Sharp's own musical output. Biting the hand that feeds you, obviously.

#3: Various label entanglements:

The number of fuck-ups and outright disregardments of Sharp's wishes by the labels he has been on are numerous beyond measure.
With Machinery it was the use of his work without his approval and the classification of New Mind as a strictly 'studio' entity. Machinery also remains one of the ONLY independent labels to actively try and deliberately change the sound of their artists.
Cyber-Tec records well what can be said except that they don't really seem to have a grasp of the business aspect of the "business". This fine fine UK label signed Sharp for as long as he served their main goal of selling as many copies of the C-Tec debut EP as possible. New Mind left due to the fact that greed began to enter into the picture where once there was only artistic interest.
Fifth Column records screwed Sharp out of all royalties for his second album 'Zero to the Bone' and also gave the album the same cover-style as all of their releases. Fifth column has since ceased to exist..
Zoth Ommog and Sharp parted on better terms with Zoth not picking up the next option for Bio-Tek. It was an amicable parting of ways and one which other labels should take notice of. Zoth is primarily focused on bands from the European mainland and so a UK-based band was a bit of a change for them. They promoted the Bio-Tek albums and made sure they were actually DISTRIBUTED. Best to all of them.
OffBeat records slowly died on the vine and did absolutely no promotion for NEW MIND's fourth release 'DeepNet'. Stefan has since gone on to found Dependent records. Not to be suprising, his new roster does not contain NEW MIND. OffBeat left Jonathan hanging for months and who can really say what the final outcome was, neither Sharp or Stefan are talking about it.
We concur absolutely with Haujobb's take in Side Line #27 : "He is a person well known in the scene but we don't think that his label will give fresh stimulus to the music scene."
Re-Constriction closed its doors after many years as Chase no longer found being a label-head much fun. An easy position to understand. Best of luck to him.
Doppler Effect records have released BIO-TEK's third album and have promoted it quite nicely.

#4 Sample source nonsense:

Reviews have been posted decrying the fact that Sharp has used samples which have (god forbid!) been made use of by other bands. So I guess to some people you had better not sample something which some other band has sampled before you. Much chatter was generated by the samples used on both Bio-Tek albums all that can be asked is "What for?" Do these reviewers have nothing better to do than assault an artist based upon what BACKGROUND noise they use? The obvious conclusion to make from this is yes, apparently so. It used to be that somebody was judged on the content of their music not by means of a pedigree issue of sample proprietary. How can anyone be so trite?

#5 Parasites:

Over the past few months we have been bombarded with requests by some questionably 'talented' bands for links on this page.


New Mind
Tryophex 14

There has been a lot of talk about co-operation for the underground but an equal exchange must be present.  Our links section is based on bands we enjoy and/or ones we wish to make sport of. Just because we list some so-called 'industrial' 'electro' 'gothic' etc  bands does not mean that we AUTOMATICALLY will put you there. If we like you, we'll happily link you. If not, we will not. Think on it.

More to come you can be assured...