Editorial: January 1996

Well, it's now 1996, and we've entered yet another election year. The state of the nation is a mess but I'm not here to discuss the sociopolitical ramifications of our current legislators, I'm here to discuss music. This month's issue contains interviews with Dessau which took place when they were opening on the Pigface tour, Die Krupps who opened for Sister Machine Gun, and Thine Eyes who took me into their home when I was interviewing with Intel in Portland, Oregon. We also have the usual music reviews, this time free from the lucidity of narcotics so they might be a little bit more vague than last month. Absent from this issue are literary reviews because I haven't had the spare cash to acquire every nickel and dime industrial rag as of late and some people don't believe in the theory of free product for free publicity.

I'm still publishing on time, and will continue to do so for the remainder of the first half of this year regardless of this being my final semester in school. I figure I pulled a 3.8 GPA last semester while holding down two jobs, and publishing a monthly web magazine, why not just go for total burnout. For those of you in the New York City area, I will be in the city that never sleeps from approximately March 3rd through the 10th visiting friends, meeting contacts and interviewing bands. So if you happen to have free time during that time period drop me a line and we'll work something out.

Next month's issue is slated to contain an already completed interview with Nigel Ayers of Nocturnal Emissions, a work in progress with Rodney Orpheus of the Cassandra Complex and Sungod, and my faithful web page providers and accomplished musicians of NUM Factory out of Downer's Grove, Illinois. NUM Factory is responsible for at least five various side projects with include and is not limited to; mindFluxFuneral, hex80, drone, e.bola and parallax shift. So I should have a rather diverse issue out next month. Slated for future issues is also an in depth interview with Brian Williams aka Lustmord and whomever else I can persuade to allow me to pick their brain.

Now for something slightly more interesting. Lately on rec.music.industrial there has been a rather childish display of antics by a select few of die-hard rivetheads who somehow think it is their deity given right to impose their music beliefs on the rest of us. The sad fact is that the foundation of this clique' is the denial of this type of incessant social posturing. I surely hope that this prepubescent behavior stops quickly or I shall become direly afraid for the state of the genre where terror and name calling purvey instead of a rational discourse and exchange of information. So if your reading this and you are a regular poster to rec.music.industrial, think before you post next time. Ask yourself if your reply is really necessary and if it will really benefit the audience as a whole rather than tip the balance of the scale in your favor or raise you a notch on the non-existent totem pole. Use e-mail for useless interpersonal banter and spare us all the extensive bandwidth you seem to be taking up with your exclusive reindeer games.


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