Press Release: Summer 1999

As much as I didn't want to ever admit this to myself. Sonic-Boom is over. As you might have noticed, I have not published or written a word since November 1998. Since that time, I have had zero motivation of any kind to publish music related journalism.

There are over 100 CD's in a stack on my desk shelf that simply are never going to get reviewed. Every single album has received airplay of some kind on my weekly radio program on KPSU called Wired For Sound. As a result, I feel that I have met any obligations by artists who sent me music to be promoted in some fashion or another. However, if any artist should desire their music be sent back to them, please contact me.

The web site, in its current format, will remain indefinitely. I have spent the better part of six years on this magazine, and I refuse to let the resources spent disappear into the binary void. Any material on this site is available for re-use in any other medium. Please contact me for permission, however, before you use it.

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