Interview with David Duddleston of Violet Arcana, Portland, OR 1/6/97

Jester: So is the new album going to be put out on your EinProdukt label?

David: Yes, I am not even going to mess with other labels at this time. I just want to put it out and not deal with all the legal hassles that come with a recording deal.

Jester: How did you originally get involved with Zoth Ommog Records to license Your first album and then release the EP?

David: A long time ago Talla got a hold of a 68000 12". He liked it enough to give us a call and offer us a licensing deal, but we never finalized the deal. Several years later Jeremy sent a Violet Arcana tape to Ric from Ras Dva Records. Ric ended up sending a copy of that tape to Talla through his connection with the Zoth Ommog US fan base. The tape contained about six of the tracks that eventually made it onto "In The Scene of The Mind". Talla liked the tape a great deal and when he found out it was the same guys who were in 68000 he called us and offered us a deal.

Jester: What is the name of the new album?

David: "Sonic Aquarium".

Jester: So how different is the new album going to be?

David: This new album "Sonic Aquarium" has more of a dance influence than "In the Scene of the Mind" which is going to make it somewhat different, but most tracks will have the Violet Arcana sort of sound. There are ten tracks, five of which were created by Jeremy and I before his departure and the other five I created at the end of 96.

Jester: Why did you stop making music?

David: It was time to take a little break so, we sold off our entire studio and used the cash to buy more computer gear. During this time both of us got enveloped in other non music related projects and the little break from music turned into a big one. Jeremy then decided to move to Richland, WA and handed over both EinProdukt and Violet Arcana to me.

Jester: Why suddenly after all this time have you decided to finally release a new album.

David: Lots of encouragement from friends and fans. The release of "In the Scene of the Mind" was well received and I figured it was time to release another one. Now that "Sonic Aquarium" is done, I'm already planning the next two albums and even have a couple of tracks started. The next release is going to consist of experimental deep dark ambient soundscapes and Electro beats. The other will center more around the classic Violet Arcana sound consisting of trace melodies and whispering vocals.

Jester: Do you have the fiscal abilities to release that much material so quickly?

David: It really is not a matter of money, but more a matter of finding the time to create material.

Jester: What is Jeremy's role in the band now?

David: Jeremy is no long part of Violet Arcana, but there is the possibility of collaboration on a future Violet Arcana project. Recently, Jeremy told me he is very interested in starting up a solo project, so we will have keep a look out for it.

Jester: Was the Serenity EP ever released in the US?

David: No, it was only released in Germany. We were going to add a few more tracks to it and release it here but it never happened. The actual deal was that we were supposed to get a whole bunch of CD's from Zoth Ommog to sell over here but that never happened either. We were never really able to deal with Zoth Ommog because they are so hard to get a hold of. In the end I abandoned the label because of all the communication problems.

Jester: What do you do outside of music?

David: Freelance interactive media programmer for work and any activity where I can get exercise during my free time!

Jester: Have you ever played live before?

David: We used to play live as 68000 all the time, but never as Violet Arcana. Our last show as 68000 was opening for Information Society back in 94. On January 30th 1997, I performed as Violet Arcana for the first time and played new tracks from the "Sonic Aquarium" Album . There is this ideal of touring Europe sometime in the next year, but that is still a dream and probably won't happen.

Jester: Have you had any musical training?

David: I took a music theory class in college, but didn't get much out of it except that I met Jeremy there.

Jester: When is the new album going to be released?

David: February 1997.

Jester: What will be on the CD-ROM portion of the new album?

David: A copy of the Violet Arcana Web site and a few interactive programs.

Jester: Would you like to collaborate with other artists in the future?

David: Not sure about this! I want to, but it is always difficult finding someone to work with.

Jester: How did you first get involved with composing music?

David: Friend of mine hooked me up with an old analog synth, effects, computer and midi interface. I was all over it.

Jester: In your free time, what musicians and artists do you listen to?

David: All kinds of stuff, from classical to dance. Don't care for Country, Jazz or most Pop music. Love dark melancholic classical, techno, and ambient stuff. Experimental dance techno is big with me right now. I listen to most of the popular techno artists like Future Sound of London, Prodigy, Underworld, Leftfield, Aphex Twin, plus the lesser known recording artists like RAC and Autechre.

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